2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 40 Edit

Yours For $199 Per Week + GST

The Hyundai IONIQ range includes both our IONIQ EV and Hybrid vehicles. With this offer, you can drive away for $199 per week + GST!

The IONIQ EV is our full electric plug in vehicle, with over 200 km range and some super economic features both inside and outside. It is perfect for around town and long drives, with plenty of EV chargers popping up around the country. The EV is not only environmentally friendly, it is economical too, charging the EV costs a fraction of the price of a full tank of gas.

The IONIQ Hybrid is still part EV, with the electric motor still doing some of the work. However you get that petrol power which some may find a more comfortable transition from all petrol or diesel vehicles.

Purchase for $199 per week with a $10,000 deposit, 9% finance rate and a $15,500 balloon payment on a 48 month term.

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