Steel designed for modern safety standards

At Hyundai we make our own steel. It

From spot welding and material handling to cutting, assembling and sealing, our robots deliver a level of precision engineering that is second to none. And because we use our own steel, we can be sure of its consistent quality as well specifying exactly the right grade of steel for specific purposes. Particular grades of high-strength steel, for example, allow us to build bodywork that is strong where needed, impact-reducing in other places, and which is lighter overall.


24,000,000+ tons produced annually

8 steel plants across South Korea

Safety first approach to manufacturing

Extensive R&D capabilities

Hyundai Steel Teams in 14+ countries

Hyundai Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS)

Through our innovations in steel manufacturing, we have increased our advanced high-strength steel

There's a good reason why Hyundai has built up an excellent reputation as a global manufacturer of safe,

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